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The real estate agent

Imagine A Platform..

Where buyers and sellers find each ​other because of the excellent service ​of real estate professionals and...

Where trust and convenience come ​before selling and making profit

Where we help private individuals by ​being open and honest in our ​communication and collaborate with ​local parties.

Our platform offers a comprehensive set of features that ​enable real estate agents can feel professionally ​present, customers can reach, generate leads and can ​distinguish in the competitive real estate market

Why the House For Sale Hub?

Offering services

Ability to offer specific services, ​such as negotiations, searches, ​purchase orders, legal ​settlements, and more.

International ​advertising

International advertising:

The platform offers the possibility ​to advertise houses on popular ​Dutch platforms such as Funda the ​largest Dutch website for house ​hunters (41 million visitors per day).

A place where you ​easily find new ​clients

Real estate agents receive direct ​contact requests and leads from ​potential customers.

The professional can showcase ​themselves as reliable and ​experienced, increasing visibility ​for both buyers and sellers.

House For Sale ​Hub

Real Estate ​Agents

What is the benefit for you as a professional?

You as a professional and your featured listings ​will stand out. Buyers and sellers will see you ​are a professionals. And you receive direct ​contact requests and leads from potential ​customers.

How do we reach the buyers

and sellers?

We actively reach potential European buyers by selling ​Portuguese properties

advertising on platforms such as Funda and other ​European websites.

By doing soway we attract the attention of potential ​customers.

Through extensive social media campaigns including ​Facebook and Instagram we are able to reach a large ​target group.

Our team consists of a combination of professionals with ​expertise in both real estate as marketing. The synergy of ​our knowledge, skills, extensive experience and proven ​results in the real estate market form a solid foundation for ​the success of this platform.

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