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For tips, advice, and guides to assist you ​at every step of the process whether ​you're looking to buy or sell a property in ​Portugal.

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On our platform, you'll find valuable insights to avoid pitfalls when ​buying or selling a property in Portugal. For buyers, we offer ​practical tips to navigate the complex market and confidently find ​their ideal home. And for sellers, this is an opportunity to ​showcase their property in the best light and match with ​interested buyers.

We aim to connect professionals with ​independent, reliable, and expert information ​to you as a buyer or seller.

It's in these situations that a platform like ours can be invaluable

Buying or selling a house in Portugal can be an exhilarating yet ​complex experience. For buyers, there are pitfalls and challenges ​to overcome, from unfamiliar regulations and hidden costs to ​language barriers and uncertainties about the market. On the flip ​side, sellers face the task of presenting their property correctly ​and attracting the ideal buyers.

For buyers, we offer a wealth of information, tips, and guides to ​help them navigate these challenges. We provide insights for ​avoiding common pitfalls, understanding local laws and ​procedures, or finding trustworthy professionals. Our platform ​is designed to guide you towards a successful purchase.

For sellers, we provide a stage to effectively showcase their ​beloved home to a targeted audience. With our knowledge and ​through our network of certified professionals, we can offer you ​the best tools and connect you with the right experts to help ​present your house at its best. Whether it's professional ​photography, legal advice, or strategic marketing guidance, our ​platform connects sellers with the resources they need for a ​successful sale.

So, whether you're a dreamer in search ​of an idyllic home on the Portuguese ​coast, or a seller wanting to transfer ​their property with care and dedication, ​our platform is here for you.

Our focus ​is at you

Our focus isn't on intermediation, but on providing the right connections and ​information, so that you can enter the real estate market with confidence ​and well-informed.

Discover how our platform can assist you in finding your dream home in ​Portugal or in selling your current property under the best conditions.

We believe in empowering buyers and ​sellers with the right knowledge and ​resources.

So you can confidently

and successfully enter the real estate ​market.

A Little

About us

From the Twente real estate world to Amsterdam, where I've been running my own brokerage for about 15 years ​now, to the sun-drenched hills of Portugal, my journey as a real estate agent and appraiser is a tale of passion, ​expertise, and innovation.

All my life, I've been surrounded by the dynamics of the real estate market. As the youngest daughter of a ​family deeply entrenched in real estate, where the business flows through our veins, I've witnessed the market ​evolve since the '80s. With the knowledge passed down from my father and my own 30 years of experience in ​the industry, I've grown into a certified real estate agent and a member of NVM, MVA, and NRVT.

A few years back, when I bought my first house in Portugal, I was confronted with the complexity of the real ​estate market there. The purchase, renovation, and sale of the house brought challenges I hadn't anticipated. ​Even with my expertise as a real estate agent, I encountered obstacles that led to frustrations, unnecessary ​costs, and delays.

These experiences in Portugal provided me with insight into a gap in the market: a platform that offers ​transparency and efficiency in the buying and selling process. This led to my plan to create a digital platform ​that will make the real estate sector in Portugal more accessible, efficient, and transparent for homebuyers and ​sellers. A place where buyers and sellers come together, where accurate and verified information is available, ​and where real estate professionals can showcase their expertise. This is the essence of the platform I envision.

A dynamic hub for anyone involved in real estate in Portugal. A similar concept to what you might know from ​how Airbnb has made the travel industry accessible, but focused on the real estate sector. An innovative and ​user-friendly marketplace that brings transparency, efficiency, and success to everyone involved in the buying ​and selling process of homes in Portugal.

This platform is more than just a handy tool; it's a place where honesty and quality always come first. It's the ​result of my years of experience in real estate, combined with the insights and ideas I've gained in Portugal.

Our team consists of a combination of professionals with expertise in both real estate and marketing. The ​synergy of our knowledge, skills, extensive experience, and proven results in the real estate market forms a ​solid foundation for the success of this platform.

We invite you to join us in exploring these new possibilities together.

Portugal ​Experience

Having personally bought, renovated, styled and sold properties in ​Portugal, I understand the challenges, uncertainties, and the journey ​involved in acquiring a home in a country where you may not know ​the language or your way around.

Our passion is to share this wealth of knowledge with you and to ​equip you with the tools you need to be successful in the Portuguese ​property market.

White Concrete Structure With Green and Red Plants
Street in Faro, Portugal.
Street in Faro, Portugal.

Unique & ​match your ​needs

A unique feature of our platform is the ability to ​match you with professionals in Portugal. ​Whether you're in search of a trustworthy real ​estate agent, an experienced lawyer for property ​matters, or a structural engineer for inspections, ​we help you find the right experts to meet your ​needs.


insights, tips, and guidance to help you ​navigate the complex aspects of purchasing a ​home in Portugal


top tools and connect you with experts to ​showcase your house effectively


present yourselves, reach clients, generate ​leads, and stand out in the competitive real ​estate market

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Skills & Expertise

“She provided exceptional assistance during our ​property acquisition. Despite our physical absence, she ​not only found the property swiftly but also conducted ​the viewings, adeptly managing every aspect of the ​purchase. Her responsiveness and professionalism ​throughout the process were outstanding, ensuring a ​seamless and successful transaction. We highly ​recommend her services for anyone looking to navigate ​the property market with confidence and ease”


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